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About  the  Artist

Elizabeth was raised on a dairy farm in upstate New York. With abundant freedom and an immersion in nature, she developed a deep love of art and appreciation for the intrinsic beauty of her environment.


Grabbing colors and textures from the scenery of our lives, Elizabeth draws from nature for each canvas. The vivid blues of seascapes and brilliant greens of the countryside are the foundation for her work. 

As the principal designer for Elizabeth Marks Art & Design, Elizabeth designs spaces and commissioned works for clients based on their lifestyle as well as individual passions and experience. 

With a thirst for knowledge, Elizabeth earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Visual Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture & Design. Elizabeth's studies also included business administration, nonprofit governance, and mechanical engineering. Elizabeth funded her early artistic endeavors by working in the corporate world where she excelled and gained a wealth of practical business knowledge.

In addition to a career in art, Elizabeth has continued to advance her business acumen devoting her time and effort to non-profit organizations and causes. Elizabeth currently works for USA for UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency.

2020 Commission
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