Elizabeth is an artist, designer, activist and visual thinker. Her various experiences and thirst for life can be seen in her interior designs and paintings. She draws inspiration from nature and the calming effects of the beach and ocean.

As an artist, Elizabeth doesn't use brushes but applies paint onto the canvas with her hands and body. She manipulates layers and layers of paint; blending, pouring and mixing all with recycled newspaper for organic texture. The entire process captures gentle curves of the body which depict the hills and valleys that we see in landscapes.

A complement to any interior space, Elizabeth's colorful abstract artwork evokes intrigue, serenity and ultimately one of beauty and strength.

A different way to paint: Using layers of newspaper for texture and painting with her hands, Elizabeth manipulates the materials to create one of a kind canvases.

Elizabeth's artwork is consistently showcased in galleries and design venues. Have you seen any lately?

Browne & Co. Boutique, Darien CT

Elizabeth's recent shows include a digital show in summer 2015 at the Louvre in Paris, France and the 2015 Art Basel Miami, Scope Exhibition.

Dare to be different, Go beyond beige,


Bring ART into


Elizabeth's design style combines chic elements and recycled materials for understated elegant and comfortable spaces.


Elizabeth designs custom made items and artwork for each project based on the clients personality which instantly adds character to each space.


Elizabeth's paintings and home decor items are currently sold in furniture and boutique design stores.



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