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"My art tells a story, a story about life. 

Beauty, movement & experiences are captured as a moment in time within colorful abstract landscapes. I am constantly in awe at the colors, texture, and motion I see each day in nature."

Bodypainting is the unique artistic process Elizabeth uses for painting. Applying paint onto the canvas with her body without the use of brushes, she manipulates layers of paint into organic texture. The gentle curves of the body depict waves & valleys seen in nature and create one of a kind art.

Cross Living Room 2_edited.jpg
Aqua Maritime 2016

Custom-made commissions 

incorporate each client's personality, interior decor, and colors. Elizabeth always welcomes

new commissions!

Elizabeth's design style combines chic elements and recycled materials for understated elegant and timeless spaces.



Elizabeth's artwork is consistently exhibited and showcased in galleries and design venues. 

Paintings large and small and Elizabeth's textiles can be found in retail and boutique design stores.

Browne & Co. Boutique, Darien CT

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